Regional Anaesthesia

Stef Oosthuysen

Dr Stef Oosthuysen

Course Lead
The MSc in Regional Anaesthesia has an enthusiastic faculty of imminent and experienced regional anaesthetists totalling approximately 50, from all corners of the UK. Feedback on the teaching material delivered to date from the students has been exceptionally positive and has served as a platform to work and improve on. This MSc in RA is the the first postgraduate qualification in regional anaesthesia in the world and has the support of both the RCoA and RA-UK.

Stef is a Consultant Anaesthetist at the Norwich & Norfolk University NHS Trust. He is a Generalist Anaesthetist and has been an enthusiastic Regional Anaesthetist over the past 30 years. He is currently on the RA-UK Board and has been the Course Lead for the MSc in Regional Anaesthesia Programme since its inception. He is committed to delivering the virtues of regional anaesthesia to both patients and to doctors in training.

Amr Abdelaal

Dr Amr Abdelaal

Module Lead
Benjamin Fox

Dr Benjamin Fox

Nicholas Denny

Dr Nicholas Denny

Baskar Manickam

Dr Baskar Manickam

Ayodele Obideyi

Dr Ayodele Obideyi

Ashwani Gupta

Dr Ashwani Gupta

Chandra Gosavi

Dr Chandra Gosavi

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